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This blog mainly consists of 2 parts:

  • Reviews of places to eat in Danang written by Summer (Uyen)
  • Recipes of Vietnamese food presented by Helen (Huyen)

Some of the articles/recipes are contributed by guest writers. If you would like to become one of them, click here.


1. About Summer:



Summer started this blog in 2010 writing reviews of places to eat in Da Nang with the hope of making it your ultimate guide to unveil the beauty of Danang cuisine. In addition to beautiful landscapes, she believes that Danang has THE food that can make the best out of your stays. Summer is no gourmet or food specialist, but has been living in DN most of her life and tries her best to give you as many useful and honest reviews as she can.Summer has lived in Japan for 4 years and Australia for 1 year. Much as she loved her experience overseas, she always aspired to go back to Danang because her heart and soul belong there. She is now an entrepreneur based in Danang.

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2. About Helen

Helen joined Summer since May 2011 as the second admin of Danang Cuisine. She is in charge of the Recipes session and also the producer of some travel guide videos introduced in this blog. Helen was born and grew up in Danang. She has spent the recent decade of her life in Singapore and Germany. Helen is a Youtuber, entrepreneur and university lecturer.

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If you think we look alike, yes, we are sisters

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